Castor Oil 蓖麻油
January 26, 2013

Castor Oil 蓖麻油


Our castor oil is from certified organic cultivation and comes from India. It is obtained from the seeds of the tropical wonder tree. Already in Ancient Times it was reported that castor oil was a popular and versatile remedy and was also used as fuel for oil lamps.

Castor oil contains 80-85% triglycerides, its content in oleic acids such as linoleic acid or oleic acid is rather low. It is slightly yellowish in colour, transparent, viscous and almost odourless. It can not be distilled and only decomposes at a temperature of 250 degrees centigrade. It becomes thicker on contact with air but does not harden to form a thin film.


Due to its special properties castor oil is an important consistency provider in natural cosmetics. It makes formulas without emulsifiers possible and guarantees that complex formulas which contain a large number of ingredients can be easily applied to the skin. In lavera Natural Cosmetics castor oil is used in Faces Organic Mint products for oily and impure skin as the oil protects and conditions the skin without burdening it with too much fat. It is also used in the lavera Trend sensitiv system and Neutral Hand Cream.


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Baby & Kinder, Faces, Trend sensitiv, basis sensitiv, Neutral, Baby & Kinder Neutral, Sun sensitiv 



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