Bamboo 竹
December 12, 2012

Bamboo 竹

Bamboo leaves



We get our bamboo leaves from certified organic cultivation in Italy, the Azienda Agricola. Azienda Agricola Thomas Victor Froese is a small agricultural farm, which is located approx. 450m above sea level in the hilly wine growing area of South Piemont, which is characterized by a rather rough and extreme climate.

The summers are often very dry, the winters relatively cold and sometimes very snowy. Although the farm is devoted to fruit and wine growing and horticulture, the farmer`s main interest is the development and testing of diverse methods of growing different kinds of bamboo in an appropriate and natural way.

Harvesting bamboo leaves is similar to picking tea: the leaves in the whole area are picked by hand with the important difference that unlike tea only 2 and 3-year old stalks are picked or more precisely cut. The oldest stalks are then removed to make room for the next generation.


The odourless and colourless bamboo fibres are a kind of carbohydrate. They make emulsions easy to apply and leave the skin velvety soft to the touch.

Contained in...

Hair, basis sensitiv, Body SPA*







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