“Organic for everyone & natural cosmetics for everyone“ – but not at any price!

lavera natural cosmetics will stop exports to China until freedom from animal testing has been introduced.

For us everyone has the right to natural body and beauty care. For this reason, lavera sees itself as a natural cosmetics brand which actively shapes and expands the market: everyone on this earth should have the possibility to take care of himself with certified and highest-quality natural cosmetics.

lavera is against animal testing!

As the manufacturers of verified natural cosmetics, we are against animal testing and have never instructed such. We make sure that only ingredients are used which are known and registered. * The EU Cosmetics Regulations demands verifications for general offers. Therefore we have documented effectiveness and compatibility since the existence of the brand lavera in co-operation with testing persons or through testing institutes.

Freedom from animal testing in China!

The path-breaking freedom of animal testing in Europe came into force on 11 July 2013 but was unfortunately not implemented worldwide. Amongst other places, not in China, which has only now adapted its registration regulations (incl. the envisaged animal testing) and therefor has come under criticism worldwide.

As “natural cosmetic for all providers“, it is our vision and our goal that every person worldwide should have the opportunity to take care of him/herself naturally.

This principle is binding for us and part of our company philosophy. For us, people in China also have the right to natural personal hygiene. Therefore, we had decided on export to China.

lavera natural cosmetics has resolved to stop further deliveries to China WITHOUT DELAY!

From June 2014, the Chines government wishes, according to a draft, to implement the first adjustments for companies with a seat in China. Shampoos and perfumes should then no longer be tested on animals. The producer in China should, in accordance with these plans, have to document without any omission, that contents and product are not damaging to the health of human beings.

Chinas Export regulations** have to be adapted to reforms for all products!

Unfortunately, China's export provisions** have not been taken into consideration for all products by the reforms. We shall therefore stop exports to China until we are certain that freedom from animal testing is guaranteed in China also for all import products. Alternative testing methods and existing verifications have to be recognised. To this end, we shall find out all political channels in Europe and also use our contacts to associations locally to advance freedom from animal testing in China as it is and remains our goal that every human being worldwide should have the opportunity to look after him/herself with certified natural cosmetics.

*REACH covers about 100.000 contents centrally and enables control and regulation of statutory freedom from animal testing. Animal tests will only be requested when there are no alternative test series.

**export regulations for lavera; import regulations of China.



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