Guide of lavera's ingredients - B
December 19, 2012

Guide of lavera's ingredients - B

INCI/CTFA: Bambusa arundinacea stem extract (certified organic)

Ingredients: Bamboo extract/derivative (certified organic)
Source: Obtained by extraction from organic bamboo
Effect: Lend the hair strength and volume
Used in: Hair, MY AGE


Ingredients: Beer
Source: Obtained by fermenting water, hops and malt
Effect: Gives hair structure and volume
Used in: Hair, MY AGE

INCI/CTFA: Beeswax (cera alba) (certified organic)

Ingredients: Beeswax (certified organic)
Source: Organic wax produced by honey bees
Effect: Cares for and protects particularly sensitive areas of skin
Used in: Facial care, Trend sensitiv, basis sensitiv, Neutral, Baby & Kinder Neutral, Lips

INCI/CTFA: Behenyl beeswax, stearyl beeswax

Ingredients: Beeswax ester
Source: Compound of beeswax and natural stearic acid (coconut oil)
Effect: Provides natural texture in emulsions
Used in: Sun sensitiv, Neutral, Facial care

INCI/CTFA: Beta vulgaris (beet) root extract

Ingredients: Beetroot extract/derivative
Source: Powdered extract of beetroot
Effect: Red colour, natural colourant
Used in: basis sensitiv 

INCI/CTFA: Beta-glucan

Ingredients: Yeast agent
Source: Derived from yeast
Effect: Wound-healing properties, accelerates regeneration of irritated skin
Used in: Sun sensitiv, Baby & Kinder Neutral

INCI/CTFA: Betula Alba (Leaf) Extract (certified organic)

Ingredients: Birch leaf extract (certified organic)
Source: extracted from organic birch leaves 
Effect: adstringent, reduces puffiness, soothes and cleanses
Used in: basis sensitiv


Ingredients: Vitamin H (biotin)
Source: Vitamin found in nature
Effect: Acts to improve hair structure and prevents splitting
Used in: Hair

INCI/CTFA: Bisabolol

Ingredients: Bisabolol
Source: Active ingredient of camomile
Effect: Soothes the skin and alleviates irritation
Used in: Men

INCI/CTFA: Brassica campestris (rapeseed) sterols

Ingredients: Plant sterols
Source: Natural plant ingredient, extracted from rapeseed
Effect: Soft skin sensation, moisturising effect
Used in: Sun sensitiv, basis sensitiv, Neutral, Baby & Kinder Neutral, Body & Wellness Care, Trend sensitiv, Lips, Facial care, Men, MY AGE

INCI/CTFA: Brassica campestris/aleurites fordi oil copolymer

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil/Tung oil
Source: Oil blend obtained from rapeseed oil and the seeds of the tung tree
Effect: Ensures the brightness of lip gloss lasts longer on the lips
Used in: Trend sensitiv

INCI/CTFA: Burdock root extract (certified organic)

Ingredients: Arctium Lappa Root Extract
Source: Extract of burdock root
Effect: Anti-inflammatory, astringent, regulating effects
Used in: 

INCI/CTFA: Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) (certified organic)

Ingredients: Shea butter (certified organic)
Source: Obtained by pressing the organic shea nut
Effect: Natural UV protection, leaves the skin soft and smooth
Used in: Sun sensitiv, Facial care, Trend sensitiv, basis sensitiv, Neutral, Baby & Kinder Neutral, Body & Wellness Care, Men, Lips, Hair, MY AGE 



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