Stinging nettle 帶刺蕁麻
January 31, 2013

Stinging nettle 帶刺蕁麻

Stinging nettle leaves


Our stinging nettle leaves are from certified organic cultivation and come from different areas of Germany.

From the stems and leaves of the stinging nettle we obtain extracts using alcohol.


As an ingredient in a formula stinging nettle oil has an anti-allergic, itch-relieving, cleansing, toning, and lifting effect and also stimulates the metabolism in the skin. It is green like grass and smells slightly tangy. It is used in deodorants, in the treatment of dandruffs and greasy hair, in detox baths or to treat cellulitis. Due to its high content in silicic acid it provides hair with body and support. lavera Natural Cosmetics currently uses stinging nettle oil in its basis sensitiv Shampoo mild and basis sensitiv Vital Shampoo.

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Hair, basis sensitiv










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