Raspberry 紅莓
January 31, 2013

Raspberry 紅莓

Aromas from strawberries and raspberries


Natural aromas are obtained from freeze-dried fruit and then added to the formulas. The fruit is from certified organic cultivation and comes from Poland.


Natural aromas provide formulas with taste or in oil form with a fragrance to cover the scent of the natural ingredients contained in the products. For lavera Natural Cosmetics fragrances and aromas play an important role. They are 100% natural, very versatile and pleasant: sometimes they add a subtle note, sometimes they prevail and have a positive effect on the senses. The fragrances are created by lavera`s own perfumer in cooperation with a French perfume manufacturer. The products from the Neutral range are the only ones which do not contain aromas or fragrances as these products have been developed for extremely sensitive skin (allergic or neurodermatitis skin). Aromas might interfere with homoeopathic treatment.

Contained in...

Body SPA*, Lips



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