Fennel 茴香
January 26, 2013

Fennel 茴香



The fennel we process is from different suppliers from certified organic cultivation in Germany.

Laverana produces from organic fennel and a special blend of oils an organic fennel fluid. We also produce fennel extracts from the fennel`s tiny seeds and organic alcohol.


This organic fennel fluid is used in the formulas of the Faces Organic Aloe Vera range which has been designed for sensitive and delicate skin. Fennel has skin balancing and anti-microbial properties. This newly developed ingredient incorporates the powers of nature in a concentrated form and is one of the building blocks in laverana's highly effective and skin balancing formulas. Pure extract of fennel is an important part of lavera Body Spa*'s formula for deodorants lavera Body SPA*.

Contained in...

Body SPA*, Faces 


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