Coconut 椰子
January 26, 2013

Coconut 椰子


Network of pioneer companies in the organic industry: our white desiccated coconuts come from certified organic cultivation project in Sri Lanka.

Mr. and Mrs. Wigesena's farm is situated in the fertile "coconut triangle" in the South-West of Sri Lanka. With their young daughter they manage the legendary coconut plantation which was the first partner of RAPUNZEL NATURKOST to be certified as organic farm 20 years ago. Since that time many coconut farmers have followed this example. Today, 13 families cultivate an area of approx. 270 hectares of land.

The coconut trees are cultivated in mixed cultivation with pineapples, bananas, pepper and coffee. Some of these farmers also keep livestock under the coconut trees. The trees are fertilized by digging the fibrous husks which are rich in potassium in semi-circular ditches around the palm trees. In this way the tree is provided with nutrients and is able to store water more effectively.  

Coconut oil is obtained from the dry fruit of the coconut, the so-called copra.


As the melting point of the purified fat is relatively low it has a cooling effect on the skin. The unique properties of laurin acid (the main fatty acid in the fat content of the coconut), which make it so precious for non-food products in the soap and cosmetics industry, have been known for a long time. Laurin acid is now being used again in the food industry for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoan effect. Caprylic acid, another fatty acid contained in coconuts, has now been put on the list of anti-microbial ingredients in the coconut.

This acid can only be found in larger amounts in conventional laurin fats, in particular in that of the coconut. Its spectrum of minerals is dominated by magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Its trace elements include above all iron, manganese, copper and zinc. The coconut is also rich in B vitamins and vitamin E.

In natural-cosmetic products coconut oil is used in particular for its skin conditioning properties. Thanks to its vegetable oil content it leaves the skin smooth, beautiful looking and well-cared for. From desiccated coconuts Laverana produces extracts with organic alcohol which refine the skin texture and soften and smoothen it.

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