Wild Rose Oil 野玫瑰油
January 31, 2013

Wild Rose Oil 野玫瑰油



Our wild rose oil (Rosa Canina Fruit Oil), aka hip rose seed oil, is from certified organic cultivation and comes from Chile. The fruit is harvested by hand from wild growing bushes. Its oil which is obtained by pressing the seeds is rich in vitamin A and E.

Wild rose, aka rose hip, belongs to the rose family and is originally from Asia. It probably did not come to Europe until the 15th century. Today, this plant can also be found in parts of America and Africa with a more moderate climate.

The wild rose belongs to the Rosaceae family and came from the area of the Northern Hemisphere. Its seeds need a certain period of cold weather in order to germinate. The term wild rose refers to all kinds of roses which developed without human influence. The plant only reaches a moderate height, is bushy and flowers several times a year.


With its over 300 individual components wild rose oil supports like no other oil skin regeneration thus making it most suitable for the treatment of dry and scaly skin, pigmentation marks and scars. Trans-retinoic acid has a healing and regenerating effect, promotes collagen production in the connective tissue and in this way preserves the skin's ability to store moisture.

Wild rose oil is extremely rich in alpha-linolenic acid (approx. 33%). Its fatty acid spectrum is characterized by linoleic acid and only a very low percentage of saturated fatty acids which make it a light oil, which can be easily absorbed by the skin.

Wild rose oil stimulates the cell renewal process and is also considered to be most suitable and extremely compatible for dry and mature skin and skin prone to inflammation. It is used in emulsions and tenside products and leaves the skin velvety soft to the touch.

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