Verbena oil 馬鞭草油
January 31, 2013

Verbena oil 馬鞭草油

Verbena oil


Our verbena oil is from certified biodynamic cultivation in the Andes in South America. Verbena oil is obtained from verbena leaves. Verbena is a very old-established cure. We know from the Romans that no other herb was as greatly appreciated as the sacred verbena “verbenaca“ and it was part of the soldiers' kit.


Verbena oil has an intensive effect on the skin and the senses. Muscles are relaxed, the senses are stimulated. Verbena was already known in ancient Rome for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-bacterial, pain-relieving, toning, antispasmodic and stimulating properties. Laverana produces verbena extracts itself. These extracts have a revitalizing effect on the skin and the senses.

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